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500 mangroves planted with Wall Street English

Celebrating the upcoming World Oceans Day, Wall Street English Indonesia together with Mangrove Jakarta Community held a mangrove planting activity on Sunday, 30th May 2021. Invited in this activity were all Members of Wall Street English Indonesia, as this event was also organized to mark the second anniversary of WSE Community. Adhering to the social distancing and health protocol rules, only 10 Members participated in the event that was held at Pulau Sampah, Tanjung Burung.

Mangrove Jakarta Community was established in 2020. Their main concern is to protect the oceanic and shoreline ecosystem, and have ever since helped maintain the sustainability of the Jakarta coastal area. This activity is hoped to help raise awareness about global climate changes and spread the word of mangrove’s significance as a part of our ecosystem to Members of Wall Street English Indonesia and moreover Indonesian community in general.

“We are honored to participate in saving our Earth for the future, and in the process of doing so, we are also able to invite more people from the community to take part as well. By sharing knowledge about the importance of taking care of our environment, especially the coastal area, we hope to continue becoming the right and educative platform to convey this message to everyone. As we all know, mangrove plays an important role in subsiding the aftermath of flood and erosion as well as providing green areas to supply our oxygen needs,” said Paundra Hanutama as the founder of Community Mangrove Jakarta.

Aside from contributing through hands-on projects, Mangrove Jakarta Community also opens the door for everyone who would like to donate to their organized fund-raising activity through platform, where all contributions will be allocated for the next mangrove planting activity as well as other environmental-related projects in the future. With a total of 500 mangrove seeds planted on this activity, Wall Street English Indonesia also wishes to implant a better future for our Earth.

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