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Collaboration with The College of National Police Science to plant 500 mangroves in celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Bhayangkara

In commemoration to the 75th Anniversary of Bhayangkara, which falls on 1 July 2021, the Jakarta Mangrove Community is collaborating with the College of National Police Science Jakarta to carry out a mangrove planting action which will be held at Waste-Made Island, Tanjung Burung -Banten. As a community that cares  and puts commitments about the environment issue, every month the Jakarta Mangrove Community contributes to the environment by carrying out various planting and social activities. The activity will attended by some environmental activists, Guntur from Tabur Mangrove and many more.

The activity, chaired by Paundra Hanutama, will be held in several areas that require reforestation. In the event, the Jakarta Mangrove community together with the College of National Police Science Jakarta will plant 500 Mangrove tree seedlings. The series of planting events began with a briefing on the explanation of the function and importance of planting mangrove trees, which was explained by Bayu Pamungkas as the Co-Founder of Mangrove Jakarta and others environmental activists.

"In the midst of this pandemic, we still don't forget to maintain health protocols, we also consistently maintain and care for the earth by planting Mangrove trees. The reason we plant Mangroves is because mangroves are trees that produce four - five times oxygen compared to other plants. In addition, Mangroves themselves can also be one of the trees that reduce and prevent natural disasters.” said Paundra Hanutama as the founder of the Jakarta Mangrove community. This community, which has five core team members, opens opportunities for everyone who wants to participate in preserving the environment, one of which can be done by donating Mangrove care through

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