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Spirit Of Conservation From Youth Who Has Environment Awareness

By the end of 2022, the world’s population has reached 8 billion people, the largest number in the history of the Earth. This increase in human population has resulted in significant environmental pressure on various sectors, such as industry, settlements, transportation, and other human activities. The potential for environmental damage from water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and threats to natural resources has become a more real threat to environmental conservation.

The coastal environment is one example where environmental pressure from land and sea continues to occur continuously. Liquid and solid waste that enters through river bodies and other sources put pressure on the health of the coastal environment, such as coral reefs, sea grass, and mangrove ecosystems. While governments and organizations are making various efforts to reduce environmental pressure through sustainable development goals, more attention is needed to address this issue.

Everything about the impact of human activities on the environment aroused Bayu Pamungkas’s attention. While studying in the field of the coastal environment. Bayu Pamungkas has studied a lot and understood that pressure from the coastal environment requires a lot of attention and real action from now on. The pollution from garbage and the preservation of coastal ecosystems became his main concern during the study which was also included in his final project and publications. It was also from there that BayuPamungkas and Paundra Hanutama started the Mangrove Jakarta Community as a real action in efforts to conserve the coastal environment, especially the mangrove ecosystem.

“Until now humans have made many changes and interventions that have an impact on the earth’s ecosystem, therefore we need to work and position ourselves as representatives of nature or the environment to restore the balance of the natural systems that existed on earth”. Said Bayu Pamungkas.

Through the Mangrove Jakarta Community, Bayu Pamungkas, together with all members and volunteers, work hand in hand to preserve the mangrove ecosystem on the coast of Jakarta and its surroundings. They try to increase environmental awareness and mangrove conservation in every activity he undertakes. All the knowledge he learned during his education was conveyed in a fun way to all volunteers, both in planting activities and webinars. Not only the benefits and knowledge of the coastal environment, He also explained the threats currently being experienced by the mangrove ecosystem. It is expected to be able to foster the enthusiasm and attention of the community to maintain or support coastal environmental conservation. In every activity, He continues to invite and encourage the community to play an active role in mangrove conservation efforts, after conducting activities with, whilst his occupation as a waste management consultant. In addition, He also continues to expand mangrove conservation efforts to other coastal areas by building communication with the community.

With lots of support from various parties, was able to become a rapidly growing community. Attention to mangrove conservation in Jakarta comes from various groups, such as the community, students and companies. All of these parties have trusted as a partner in efforts to preserve the coastal environment, specifically the mangrove ecosystem. In each of its activities, continues to educate environmental insights to all participating parties. Not only planting mangrove seedlings, but participants can also carry out other conservation efforts, such as coastal clean-up, restocking fish, and releasing wild birds. All of these activities are arranged in a fun way, thus trigger a love for the environment in all volunteers and participants.

Apart from the support above, is also actively raising funds from the public or crowdfunding. This fundraising was carried out on the platform, via the donation link continues to educate the public through this platform about knowledge, the latest news about mangroves, and activities that have been carried out by All proceeds from the fundraising will be used to support mangrove conservation efforts on the coast of Jakarta and its surroundings. Mangrovejakarta. id’s activeness in raising funds has received attention from and has award them as Kitabisa Hero in 2021. Efforts to support mangrove conservation through fundraising from the community are a concrete manifestation of the community’s contribution and attention to environmental sustainability.

“Environmental sustainability, especially mangroves ecosystem, is not only the responsibility of the government or coastal communities but the responsibility of all of us as family of our beloved coastal community and Earth residence, and it has to start now”. He added.

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