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Collaborative Talk Show Promotes Environmental Awareness and Action

A new talk show is set to deliver and educate about how important mangrove ecosystem, promoting environmental awareness and action for a healthier planet. Chika Fawzy will lead engaging discussions with prominent environmental experts, advocates and activists to inform and inspire viewers to take meaningful steps towards sustainable living. Paundra Hanutama – founder of Mangrove Jakarta Community, Siska Nirmala – founder of Zero Waste Adventure, and Ika Saragih – Community Resilience& Advocacy DMC Dompet Dhuafa.

The show, “Peran Mangrove Dalam Mitigasi Bencana” will cover a wide range of environmental issues, including climate change, pollution, deforestation, wildlife conservation, sustainable agriculture, green technologies, and more. Each episode will feature thought-provoking interviews, informative segments, and practical tips on how individuals, communities, and businesses can reduce their environmental footprint.


“Our show is not just about raising awareness, but about inspiring action,” said Chiki Fawzi. “Environmental issues are complex, but they are also urgent. We believe that by bringing together experts and activists, we can show viewers practical ways to make a difference in their own lives, and inspire them to become part of a larger movement to protect the planet.”

The show will also feature contributions from grassroots environmental organizations and initiatives from different parts of the country, highlighting the diversity of efforts to address pressing environmental challenges.

“We want to showcase the amazing work being done by ordinary people who are acting as environmental stewards,” added Chiki Fawzi. “We know that people are hungry for solutions, and we hope to provide a platform for sharing stories, best practices, and innovative ideas.”

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