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Smart Discussion with Earth Hour Tangerang

Mangrove Jakarta Team represented by Paundra Hanutama and Bayu Pamungkas to deliver the good message about community’s vision and mission to talkshow that has been hosted by Earth Hour Tangerang on Sunday, 12 June 2021 at CDC & Eatery Cafe Tangerang. This event is attended by some invitees and also aired online through youtube and instagram live.

Other speakers from Mister Earth Indonesia 2020, Louis and also the Vice President of TWA Angke Kapuk, Andika also are given a stage to talk about their advocacy. Louis has highlighted the message on how to dangerous the plastic waste and in other side, Andika promoted TWA Angke Kapuk as a environmental place that not only presented the how beautiful mangrove forest but also educate that mangrove has a lot of benefit as nursery ground for aquatic animal and also mangrove is the hero plant to fight against climate change.

Paundra Hanutama as a founder of the Mangrove Jakarta Community with Bayu Pamungkas as Co-founder are given a time to promote the campaign of “One Man, One Mangrove”. They invited the public to join the community to fight together the climate change by doing mangrove planting. In this community, They explained that 3 main pillars (Podcasting, Mangrove planting and volunteering) need to be supported by a lot of people especially young men.

Paundra Hanutama, as founder said that “We hope that this community can be a good and correct platform to fight against the climate change and we are going to host fun and educative event to public”. “On 26 July 2021, we are going to host massive mangrove planting at Kalimantan and also Jakarta, we need your hands people” He said.

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