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World Mangrove Day 2021, Mangrove Jakarta Community is about to plant 10,000 mangroves.

The 26th of July 2015 was proclaimed as the international mangrove day by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) and that day will be an important day for our community to show our commitment and care to protect the world from natural disasters such as; tsunami, coastal abrasion and many more. We are going to celebrate this day by collaborating with the Department of Marine Fisheries, Environmental speakers s and Food Security (DKPKP), and also other parties to plant about 10,000 mangroves at Tidung Island. This initiative is well prepared by this community since May 2021 and it is hoped to run smoothly and still needs your hands.

This community is going to host a series of webinars and workshops about the Mangrove ecosystem, Seagrass, Carbon ethics, Leadership, and also Public speaking. This three-day event will be attended by selected and limited participants and still follow the health protocols. All speakers have been invited to get involved and delivered are from the environtmental activists; Willy, Bayu, Ampuang, and Qalby.

“We hope that through this event, we could contribute to saving the mangrove ecosystems, and of course, we can not do it by ourselves, we still need your hands, and volunteers or participants are needed to make this event successful. I would like to say thank you so much to all supporters and sponsors for supporting this event and of course, the main team of Mangrove Jakarta.ID for giving your all time to prepare this event”, said Paundra Hanutama, Founder of this community. Happy World Mangrove Day 2021 and let’s save the mangrove together.” He added.

If you want to join us to fight this issue, you may visit our official Instagram @MangroveJakarta.ID and also if you want to donate some money to

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