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World Mangrove Day 2021

World mangrove day is just about the corner and everybody in the world will celebrate it on 26 July 2021 with many positive environmental activities. People, the community, and other parties will show their care to protect mangrove ecosystems and this golden moment will be used by Mangrove Jakarta Community led by Paundra Hanutama as Founder to convey the good message of the benefit of mangrove ecosystems. An initiative-starting community based in Jakarta and focuses on mangrove planting and global climate change awareness as known as MJ.ID will host event series from 24 July – 26 July 2021.


Commemorating the world mangrove day 2021, this community that has been nominated for The 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize will collaborate with young activists Bayu Pamungkas and Willy Angraini to be the speakers on their expertise about mangrove and seagrass to deliver a good message to the participants. This event will be opened to the public and it is hoped that this event can be a medium to invite the young generation to increase reforestation in the Jakarta Coast.




This action is also supported by ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel & Conference Center, FAVE Pluit, and The College of Police Science Jakarta to equip the younger generation with the knowledge of the importance of planting Mangroves as a plant that produces five times oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes a plant that can withstand floods.



“We are going to host an online webinar in this pandemic and we hope that we are able to continue to carry out our commitment to care for the environment, of course, we do this as a sense of our responsibility to protect mangrove ecosystems,” Said Paundra Hanutama as Community founder.


For more information about activities and promos, you can follow social media on Instagram and Facebook @MangroveJakarta.Id.  For needs regarding event and collaboration please contact 08179460145 or or

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